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The everywhere chair

About the CHANORI Clapp
The CHANORI Clapp stands for a smart product, modern design and maximum flexibility. Just as for a concept close to nature and a new perception of one's own environment. We are a young team of creative minds who like to discover new things and are always on the lookout for good ideas.
A journey through Japan brought the decisive inspiration: people in the Far East prefer tables with a low height and sitting on the floor has a centuries-old tradition. This can be a challenge, especially for inexperienced and tall Europeans. Sitting for a long time feels uncomfortable and it pinches in the back and legs. We quickly discovered the advantages of a Japanese floor chair for ourselves.

With an ergonomic backrest, it promotes an upright posture, relieves the back and offers real seating comfort on the floor - even over a longer period of time.
That's how the idea of the CHANORI Clapp was born: It's something for a barbecue in the park, an afternoon at the pool or playing with the kids. We wanted to bring the floor chair home and establish it as a cool, flexible everyday object.
Discussions with experts followed, drafts for a cool design and the search for suitable materials. Within a few months we optimized the concept and developed our "everywhere chair".



Oliver Martha

Content Marketing Manager


Daniel Niehues

Co-founder & Product Manager


Manuel Gewing

Sales Manager

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