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How can I order the Chanori Clapp?
You can either order the Chanori Clapp as a guest or create a customer account for your orders. If you have any questions about the order process, please send us an email to or call the customer hotline on +49 2561 8606980.

Can I use coupon codes for my order?
Yes, during the ordering process you can enter and benefit from vouchers and discount codes. You can find promotions and discount codes directly on our website or on the social media platforms Instagram and Facebook.

Do I receive a personal offer for bulk purchases?
Of course, we will make you an individual offer for bulk purchases. Feel free to contact us via email, +49 2561 8606980 or using the contact form. We would be happy to advise you.



How can I pay for the clapp?
We offer you various payment methods for the purchase of the Clapp. Select your preferred payment method for a quick and easy purchase: Paypal, prepayment, credit and debit card


What are the shipping costs for the Chanori Clapp?
Our Clapp is delivered throughout Germany and beyond. Enjoy the advantage regardless of your order quantity. The delivery costs abroad can be found in the following list:

Germany: €4.95 incl. VAT
Netherlands: €9.95 including VAT
Belgium: €9.95 including VAT
Austria: €9.95 including VAT
Switzerland: €14.95 including VAT
Denmark: from €9.95 including VAT
Spain: €25.00 incl. VAT

How long is the delivery time?
After you have placed the order, the delivery time is 3-5 working days. The delivery time for handmade products is 5-10 days, as we only order these products after we have received the order.

Will I receive a shipping confirmation?
As soon as your clapp has left our warehouse, you will receive an email with the shipping company's tracking number. So you can track the delivery status of your Clapps at any time.

How is the delivery made by courier?
If your Clapp is delivered by a forwarding agency (GLS), the forwarding company will contact you and arrange a delivery date.


How do I return my Clapp?
You can send your Clapp back to us within 14 days of the invoice date. If you have any questions, we are at your disposal by email at or by phone on +49 2561 8606980. You can also address your concerns to us using the contact form.

I would like to make a complaint about my clapp. How do I proceed in the event of a complaint?
If you have to complain about your clapp, we offer you a quick solution by sending us an email to with the following content:

  • your order number

  • a brief description of the defect as well

  • two meaningful pictures that make the defect clear

We will take care of your complaint as soon as possible and offer you a satisfactory solution to the problem.

Can I cancel my order?
Yes, you can easily cancel your order by replying to your confirmation email and thus canceling the order in writing.


How and when can I get in touch personally to clarify questions about the Clapp?
You can contact us Monday to Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. by telephone on +49 2561-8606980 or send us your questions about the product or your order at any time by email at or by using the contact form. We will take care of your concerns as soon as possible.


How to use Chanori Clapp

How do I ensure the Clapp is set up and used correctly?
The video briefly and concisely shows all the important elements that explain how to use the Chanori Clapp.


What are the dimensions of the Clapp?
When folded, the product dimensions are L x W x H: 45.5 cm x 46.0 cm x 18.0 cm. The open dimensions are L x W x H: 93.0 cm x 46.0 cm x 9 cm

How heavy is the clapp?
The Clapp has a feather-light total weight of approx. 3.0 kg and is therefore ideal for flexible use outdoors and indoors.

For which areas is the Clapp suitable?
The Clapp is an indoor and outdoor floor chair with unlimited uses. In the outdoor area, its waterproof design makes it ideal for long-lasting visits to the beach without back and joint pain. At the pool you can comfortably sit and put your feet in the water and stay there. On the boat you have the option of using the clapp as a seat or enjoying the sun when it is unfolded. You can also use the Clapp for picnics with friends and family, when camping or in your own garden.
Indoors you can use the clapp for yoga, reading, listening to music or playing with the kids. Sports clubs, children's and toddler groups also offer their members comfortable and flexible seating with the help of our floor chair.
The areas of use of our Clapp listed here do not claim to be complete. There are countless other ways to use the Clapp and benefit from its advantages.

How can I transport the Clapp?
The Clapp has a variable handle system so that it can be carried both as a hand carry and as a shoulder carry. The safe and simple locking system guarantees compact transport of the Clapp.

Can I take the Clapp with me on my flight?
Yes, of course. The dimensions of the Clapp are designed so that it can easily be checked in as hand luggage and taken on trips.

In which colors and models is the Clapp available?
Our Clapp is available in two versions, which differ in terms of the cover. Our Clapp Original has a velor fabric and is available in the colors: cool gray and desert beige. Our Clapp WIPE has a cover made of spun-dyed polyacrylic fibers and is available in the colours: stone grey, cherry red, yellow lemon and all black. Other colors are available on request via the contact form.

Can I wash the Clapp cover?
Yes, the cover of the Clapp is removable and can be washed in the washing machine at up to 30C°. Bleach or similar aggressive detergents must not be used.

Is the Clapp waterproof?
Of course, we designed the Clapp so that it can also be used on wet surfaces and is therefore waterproof. Whether at the pool, on the beach, on the boat or at a picnic in changeable weather, the Clapp offers you comfortable seating even when it is wet. Our Clapp WIPE is also water-repellent and UV-resistant thanks to its unique fabric.

What advantages does the Clapp have over an ordinary folding chair?
Experience nature as if you were merging with it. Become one with the earth you are sitting on and enjoy a high degree of seating comfort with the Clapp for hours. No conventional folding chair can offer this extraordinary seating experience.

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